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    Ada County Pet of the Week: Evelyn the shorthair domestic

    Evelyn, 2, is a female, black and white, domestic shorthair cat. This lovely, friendly gal was found as a stray and has remained unclaimed. Her coat is solid black with just a dot of white on her chest and she keeps it gleaming and clean.

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    Canyon County Pet of the Week: Aurora the hound

    Aurora, 3, is a sweet, mellow, smiley hound blend. She is great with other dogs her size, appears to be house-trained, is leash-trained and highly food motivated. At just a bit over 38 pounds, she is compact enough for most living arrangements. Aurora has yet to use her outside voice, and has polite...

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    Colonel Snazzypants? Where do those shelter names come from?

    We once knew a dog that was called Ralph because its owner wanted a dog that could say its own name.

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    Meet Blosom: Illinois cow is world's tallest, says Guinness

    ORANGEVILLE, Ill. -The story of the little cow who arrived at the Meads family farm years ago has become a tall tale.

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    Blinky, the one-eyed Chihuahua, is a story with multiple lessons

    CHICAGO - It started in August 2013, when Charlie Propsom, the founder and president of Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control, was leaving a volunteer meeting at the facility. It was late, she recalls, 8:30 or 9 p.m., and she spotted three people walking in, carrying a doll-sized version of a...

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    Animal Island: Teaching a wandering parrot to stay on his perch

    Q: Last year I took in an adult African grey parrot. His owner told me the bird was 25 years old. I also have another grey parrot and a Senegal parrot. The new guy is very tame, and I was very happy when they all got along. My question is, why won't the new bird sit still? I have a couple of big...


    Ada County pet of the week: Salsa

    Salsa, 2, is a spayed female, black and white, American Pit Bull Terrier mix. Salsa is a spirited young dog. She loves to chase tennis balls around the yard, but bringing them back will take a little work! Her enthusiasm for everything in life will make her a fun dog to train with lots of consistency...

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    Purr-fect image: How to take better photos of your cat

    When David Sutton explains the fine points of photographing a cat, you listen. One of the most skilled pet and portrait photographers in the business, he's had his work exhibited around the world, and he has a steady stream of four-legged clients visiting his Evanston, Ill., studio. (Take a peek...

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    Carolyn Hax: Man reflects on appearance issues

    Dear Carolyn: The woman I love has some real issues with her appearance that I don't understand. The "ugh, I'm so fat" thing is just the surface. I tend to reflexively assure her, but she says that doesn't help at all. Then if I ignore the woe-is-me stuff, she just seems to wallow until I assure...

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    Ada County Pet of the Week: Stacy the domestic shorthair

    Stacy, 3 months, is a female, black, orange and white, domestic shorthair cat. Demure and a little hesitant about new situations, Stacy will do well in a calmer home environment. At the shelter, with gentle attention she comes out of her shell and will arch her back in appreciation of petting and...

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